About Us

Unlike other content companies that seek to innovate or create new things for the readers, we are focused solely on telling readers the latest news and keeping them updated through a platform tried, tested and agreed upon to handle the load in as best a way as possible.

The readers who come to our platform, all the near hundred thousand on a daily basis, know they are getting the best experience created for reading pleasure and no other purpose. Of course you will find cleverly placed features that allow us to interact in both directions with the readers, all that again is part of the predictable joy of reading that we deliver on a regular basis.

When we started, with only a handful of readers, the plan was never to complicate things, and till now we have stuck to that model because it works. As content platforms grow, the need to be flashy declines because the technology we cover is always supposed to be more attractive than the platform.

Working with readers on a regular basis, the platform has engraved a standard that guarantees lasting as long as technology changes come and go. We are confident that readers will continue getting a clean reading space as long they turn up to our platform.

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