Managed services providers say faster internet needed to take us into new Cloud era

We all love fast internet, for different reasons, but to get from where we are into an age where cars safely drive themselves around and other newer innovations are easier to implement, we are going to have to kick the speed of internet connectivity about a hundred times up.

MSPs concur with the notion, not only is it good for their business, but it will also leave everyone in a better empowered state.

Wireless Needs To Be 10 to 100 Times Faster, Says FCC Chair

Proponents of the move to 5G wireless data speeds got a big boost from the government last week. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his support for a rapid move toward fifth-generation wireless technology at a speech at the National Press Club.

In his “The Future of Wireless: A Vision for U.S. Leadership in a 5G World” speech, Wheeler laid out a list of the advantages of moving to 5G communication infrastructure.

“Autonomous vehicles will be controlled in the cloud. Smart-city energy grids, transportation networks, and water systems will be controlled in the cloud. Immersive education and entertainment will come from the cloud,” Wheeler said during his remarks. “Such futures, however, won’t come to pass unless the pathway to the cloud is low-latency, ultra-fast, and secure.”

10 to 100 Times Faster than 4G

To realize those benefits, the nation’s communications infrastructure will need to be 10 to 100 times faster than the current technology, Wheeler said. “Latency needs to be less than one millisecond — or less than one thousandth of a second — to provide for real-time interactions,” he said…read more here.

It certainly wouldn’t be of any use to leave your house under the watchful eye of a tech personality relying on internet that causes blackouts and lags in observing the perimeter, just to put it into perspective.

Managed services providers in the security sector have already started creating the technology to do just about that, among others making smart houses. The internet speed will have to come and enhance their innovations, sooner that later.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 4.49.43 AM

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Company’s new wireless tech will watch house when you can’t

Two former presidents of OnStar Corp. have formed another company that uses wireless technology to communicate with customers.

The company is Northville-based HouseSetter LLC, and it offers what it is billing as a check-in service for people with second homes.

Using sensors and a camera embedded in a 7-inch replica of a dog that is placed in the second house, owners can remotely get reports on humidity and temperature, make sure the electricity is on and get images of the interior.

Retirees wintering in Florida, for example, would be notified in the event of a power outage at their home in Michigan, and be able to take steps to prevent the freezing of pipes and a major financial hit.

The “dog” is called Sherlock. In honor of the fictional detective’s nationality, Sherlock the dog responds in a British voice when contacted: “I’m on duty!”…read more here.

More innovative and exciting technologies will be made possible through the implementation of speeds faster than we all access currently. Also not only the speed is worth looking at, spread of accessibility too will have to be taken to new heights. The fewer blind-spots left the better.

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