Lending Alms: Digital Billboards for Positive Causes

The National Centre for Charitable Causes (NCCC’s) reported that more than 1.5 million non profit advertising and marketing organisation received about $358.58 billion in 2014 alone. One of the contributing factors to this huge amount been raised was due to the insurgence of advertising and branding companies opening the avenue for such organisation advertise outdoors with billboards. Known by most as public service announcement, they are geared to reinforce and drive certain positive message though digital billboards for non-profit advertising.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) reportedly donated 450 million dollar of outdoor advertising to non-profit institutions through their out of homes (OOH) arm. To reach the masses organisations are trying to enforce positivity and change in the right direction. As per reports by the NCCC’s, most institution of non-profit face serious hurdles that lead to nearly 40% of them dropping out. The gap created by one institution is very dire as most support the most vulnerable individuals in society.

A vivid example is the Clear Channel outdoor using their outdoor digital billboard space to promote unity among Bostonians after the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing on April, 2014. Their action to immediately put billboards all over the city to encourage people, drive blood donation and afterwards to thank agency and respondents to scene was seen as clearly the correct use of outdoor space for non-profit purposes.

Clear channels says that it uses millions of dollars every year to develop and Public service advertising to non-profit organisation for the use of communicating messages that reinforce messages on: health and public safety, sustainable environments, arts, education and cultural diversity. Looking at another practical example is the Summer of Hope campaign between Clear Channel Outdoor and National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in 2015.

But you have to understand that outdoor advertising companies provide clear guidelines and policies to accepting and producing billboards for non-profit organisations. This will all depended on the ad space available, eventual CSR goals of the organisation, the message, the targeted population and of course the intended end results. In most instances this companies will offer labour costs, posting fee and exposure time of at least 30 days.

By allowing creative and economical ways to advertise events, fundraisers and awareness for causes, it will provide flexible and easy means to communicate this intended message through billboards appoint raise by the campaign coordinator for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society of America. Something that is intensely reverberated across the whole spectrum of non-profit organisation across the world.

And as the trend catches on to use billboards so that non-profit can drive their messages home, more people will be drawn to donate to this causes. Because the high impact messages affect different audiences. Raising awareness, building community cohesion, attracting donor appeal, empowering members of different vulnerable people in society. If audience can respond positively to brands and products offered and marketed through billboards so can they respond with the nearly the same intensity when it comes to supporting non-profit organisation.

In 2016, donors, sponsors, volunteers and activist are tech savvy, current and abreast with current affairs in very interconnected way. Making sure you tap into more creative ways to brand and reinforce certain positive messages through billboards will go a long way to reaching them.

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