IT Help Desk: The Fastest Way To Achieving Strategic Business Objectives

it helpdesk

The key by which technology could assist a company is to keep the IT Help Desk tasks operational and available for use as frequently as possible.  It is not likely to have 100% up and running on time, so what could be the best way to manage the times while they are not running?  Help Desk is a very valuable solution.

Information technology help desk is a resource made for IT clients to communicate while having issues with their IT services.  It institutes a multi-tiered product service method by having personnel with broad technical comprehension available.

How is it implemented?

Implementation of a multi-tiered support differs broadly within the companies.  In one company, it could be one individual with a heap of knowledge bearing a mobile phone.  In another company it could be a number of people who carry out a few of the support in the house and a lot of people from another company that are agreed for added support.  In a different company, it could be large numbers of people within their own company doing all the levels of support.

What standards should be applied?

The most calculated method of applying the resource is to comply with the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best procedures.  The ITIL best procedures should include:

  1. Single point of contact (SPOC) for IT delays

  2. Software or computer discussions

  3. Tracking abilities of all incoming issues

  4. Problem escalation method

  5. Problem resolution

The application of best practices for IT services is defined in the Service Management best practices segment of ITIL version 3. These areas include:

  • Knowledge Management – It must have a system that enhances operational effectiveness by lessening the time used up to rediscover prior issues or incidents.

  • Problem Management – It must have a system that collects information in the course of incident management to assist in locating the problems.  This system is going to identify the cause of recurring incidents by taking data in a knowledge base.

  • Access Management – It must act as keepers of the client accounts with password resets.  A single ownership will assure a faster response time for the end users with password or user problems.

  • Service Catalog –It must have published service catalog, preferably with pricing data included and detailed service illustrations.

How to enable the enterprise to comply with their strategic goals?

IT services are applied in a lot of ways, but by conforming to the best practices defined in ITIL v3, it will comply with the most important demand of the end user and it will make them operational as swiftly as possible.  Moreover, by complying with the best practices, it will help the enterprise to get a foundation for the IT department not just to answer the demands of the end user, but also for the IT help desk department to connect into the strategic locations within the company.  

Therefore, this IT service is going to be the one component in giving the means to the enterprise to be able to comply with their strategic objectives.

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